Encounter Reflective Statement PDP -Level 6

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Throughout the whole process of deciding what to do for my final piece for the Encounter Exhibition I knew that I wanted to create an animation.
In my subject work I gathered research from my personal experiences. As the first hand

The majority of my experiences of grieving were from my childhood.
I created different compositions from specific memories and what stood out to me from these memories were the way adults would react around me. Often hiding their emotions.

The narrative of the animation follows a child as they are taken to their grandparents home and is sat infront of the television to keep them out of the way and shield them from the families sadness as they pack up the persons life who has passed away. Obviously the child sees that something is not right and wanders around coming across different family members privately grieving. After travelling back to their own home the ashes of the grandparent are put into a flower pot. Once the flower has blossomed this represents acceptence and the child feeling happiness remembering her relationship with the grandparent.

I wanted this to relate to the audience and think about how as a culture we hide our emotions and how this effects people, most importantly children, surrounding us. I hope the ending to the animation uplifts people and makes them think of memories of their loved ones.


To make my stop frame animation I have used mixed media ranging from painted, drawn and 3D models. I believe that mixed media will create a jittery and restless feeling alongside the digitally recorded sounds.

I have never used a digital recorder before but it was quite an easy piece of equipment to use. I recorded sounds like the ticking of a clock, traffic and the kettle boiling. In my personal experiences of grieving I remember whilst my mind was going through denial and confusion certain sounds would stand out over others. For example, whilst someone is speaking their voice is muffled but the noise of running water from a tap is more overpowering.

Whilst editing the recorded sounds along with the animated scenes, the volumes of the sounds would jump; for example when the loud kettle jumps to the gentle ticking of a clock. I think this adds to the uneasy and jittery feeling and also shows my memory of how I heard things whilst being in denial and angry.

The main image that sticks in my mind is cardboard boxes and the mark left from a photo frame leaving the clean wall behind. The stage after somebodies life where their belongings and possessions have to be packed up and taken away. Leaving an empty home with imprints from that persons life.

The thought process for planning my exhibition space was originally to create an environment with taped up cardboard boxes and marks left on the wall from photo frames. This idea I was described as too distracting therefore I felt I would incorporate these aspects and characteristics into the scenes of my animation.








Exhibition Space Planning