Shortribs, or Sheepshanks, or Laceleg



Rumplestiltskin I am styled


Is your name?




End scene – breaking his own leg off

I thought long and hard about my character of rumplestiltskin. I wanted him to be a small object because he is a weak character and very twisted as he wanted a baby. I though the pinecone was the best option. It’s small and very textured which help show he is grubby and creepy. The different segments of the pinecone look like mouths which add more creepiness to the character. I added matchsticks as legs because the end scene is a strong part of the story showing his anger through breaking off his legs. They also have the aspect that as they are matchsticks they can set alight to show his emotion.

Colour workshop


This was my first attempt at the 5 colour pallet. I chose very bright colours which represents my grandmothers colourful nature. I chose colours that I like and would often match together. I don’t think they work as well as the muted tones but it shows the different approaches I could take. I have really enjoyed the colour workshop and I usually avoid it and haven’t had alot of experience in colour. I now feel more confident using colour.



5 colour pallet.
Blues, greens and yellow.

Orange, brown, yellow, mustard yellow, red

Drawing of my Uncle Dan


My family’s favourite photo of my uncle dan as a young boy.